Why does nothing happen when I click on a link?

Pop-up Blockers

In your course, there may be links to assessment files, external websites, videos and articles. If nothing seems to happen when you click on one of these links, the problem may be because a pop-up blocker is installed.

Pop-up blockers are automatically turned on in most Web browsers to prevent irritating adverts popping up on your screen when you browse the Internet.

To allow pop-ups just for eCampus in your browser, you need to add or allow our site:

  • Internet Explorer - Go to TOOLS> Internet Options> Privacy> Settings

Internet Explorer Pop-up Blocker Settings

  • Mozilla Firefox - Go to TOOLS> Options> Content

Firefox Pop-up Blocker Settings

  • Google Chrome - Go to Settings> Show advanced settings> Privacy [Content settings..]> Pop-ups> Manage exceptions...

Google Chrome Pop-up Blocker Settings


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