How do I upload and submit files in an assignment?

To submit an Assignment in a course may be a one or two step process, dependant on if your lecturer has set the assignment up so that a Submission statement needs to be accepted and whether you are allowed to submit prior to a closing date.

The example below shows an assignment where attempts are open for uploading before the closing date, and acceptance of the submission statement is required.

  1. Pick the Assignment icon to open attempt (the name is dependent on the Course).
    Assignment icon
  2. Read the instructions.You may open the Assignment and read / print the instructions as many times as needed - this is not regarded as an attempt.
  3. Once you have created a file to submit, open the Assignment and scroll to the very bottom.
  4. Click the [Add Submission] button.
    Add submission
  5. A new screen will appear where you can upload your file. The number of files and size are preset by your lecturer. You can use [+ Add...] to bring up a standard 'File Picker' dialog OR drag & drop your file from your computer straight into the dashed area for dropping.
    NOTE: this option is not available on older Internet Explorer browsers.
    File submission

  6. Once you have uploaded your file(s) press the Save changes button.
    Save changes button
  7. At this stage your submission is still in draft and can still be edited (until the Lecturer assigned close date). Clicking [Edit submission] will allow you to update, delete, re-upload your submission.
    Draft submission status

  8. Once you are ready to submit your work for grading, open the Assignment, scroll to the very bottom and click [Submit assignment] as shown above.
  9. Depending on settings, you may be asked to agree to a Submission statement to be able to continue. If you agree with the Statement, 'tick' the check box to accept and click [Continue].
    Continue button
  10. The Submission status for your Assignment will update to "Submitted for grading".
    Submitted for grading

    You will be unable to make any further changes. Depending on your Lecturer's settings, after grading, your submission may be reverted to Draft so you can make changes. In this case, to resubmit your corrected version you would follow the steps as above.

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