How do I check my grades/marks?

First log in to eCampus.

Open the course you wish to check your grades for.Check grades

From the side Administration block choose Grades

A screen appears showing grades for all assessment tools in the current course.

An example is shown below. Depending on where the lecturer adds their feedback you may or may not see it in your User Report.

User report for grades

In the above example there are no grades for the two assignments, but the Example Quiz has been completed satisfactorily (passed).

Feedback in quizzes

Click the assessment tool name to see more details (e.g. Example Quiz). The Assessment Tool will be shown and you can see Generic feedback, if it has been set.

Quiz generic feedback

To see detailed feedback click the Review link and you can review every question with the pertinent feedback provided. Feedback is shown with a green background. The score for the question is shown in the grey area where the Question No is listed (e.g. Mark 1 out of 1).

Detailed quiz feedback

 Assignment feedback

Using Administration > Grades you should be able to see both your mark and feedback provided by your lecturer for assignments. See the example below.

Grades and feedback

As in the case of the Example Quiz, clicking on the Assignment name (Example Assignment - for offline practicals in this case) can provide more detailed information. In some cases your lecturer may have uploaded a file for you to check before reattempting an assessment. 

NB: for VET students grades show as Satisfactory or Not Yet Satisfactory. You may think of these as Pass and Re-attempt. For Higher Education students actual grades will be shown and scales if set up (e.g. Pass, Merit, Fail etc.).

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